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October 17, 2012

I’m Marla
Sprinkled throughout this journey are the little joys, moments of inspiration, and snippets of life that add color to our human experience. Join me as we embrace the beauty of imperfect perfection, the magic of a beautiful moment, and the endless possibilities of creativity.

I will admit that I had a mental cringe when I saw this week’s theme.  I didn’t start out moderating this group which means that I didn’t come up with the weekly theme list, but when I saw this week, I wanted to change the theme.  I could have–and no one would have known but me… but then my conscience kicked in and I recognized that I definitely needed to do it.  If hearing about the theme caused me to want to avoid it, it’s a perfect week for me right?  Theoretically?

I haven’t taken very many self portraits and I know that I didn’t even have to interpret it that way, but I procrastinated the week away and was left with the literal approach when today came and I hadn’t worked on anything yet.  I knew I didn’t want to just take a pretty portrait and thought I should do one that is very real, raw, and vulnerable.

This is me.

I’m very curious to see what everyone else has come up with this week.  Next in line is Heather Robinson from Durham, North Carolina.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Marla, wonderful job of capturing your self portrait in a creative way. This image captures your real beauty!

  2. Traca says:

    Photographers make the worst subjects, don’t we?!? We all seem to be so much more comfortable behind the lens instead of in front of it! Great job of tackling this tough subject (and for not changing it – I, too, would have been tempted!).

  3. amy grace says:

    i am overwhelmed looking at this. you are such a beautiful soul. and i feel like this is so subtle and powerful that i really “get it”. i hope. love to you sweet marla.

  4. Karen Porter says:

    Thank you for putting yourself out there despite what your mind and feelings were telling you. I love this photo – I get a glimpse of you up close but not too much. I love that I can even see the strands of your hair. You’re gorgeous as are your images every week.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Beautiful and vulnerable. So glad you didn’t change the theme.

  6. Laurie Schultz says:

    You are not alone in kind of dreading this week! However the photo you took is so artistic and a unique way of capturing yourself. I love it.

  7. Marsette says:

    Oh my! So real and so beautiful, Marla!

  8. Oh Marla. I’m proud of you for pushing through. You’re so right, friend – the times when our inside protests greatly about something is sometimes the very thing that’s best for us to do. And you captured your beautiful soul so well in this photo, though I admit, I wanted to see more of your lovely face 😉

  9. Pamela Joye says:

    there’s not much to add here; i admire your honest & bravery – taking on something that you could have passed on. what you did is turn it on it’s head. i love it. it’s soft, it’s quiet, it’s reflective. it’s all the things you share every week in a different way – in a ‘yourself’ way. goes without saying that i love it!

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