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This summer and fall the Pacific Northwest has had amazingly unusual weather.  In the last 4 or 5 months it has rained  once for literally 60 seconds.  And in October we’ve had all 70+ degree days with full sun and a slight breeze which reminds me of Phoenix in December.  For a girl who loves summer, I could not be happier about the whole thing. Yes, my grass is seriously dead and my garden really struggled this year, but it has been sunny and warm every single day for MONTHS and those other things seem really low on my priority list in comparison.  Typically we get quite a bit of rain even in the summer and by October 1st it seemingly becomes cold, drizzly autumn overnight.  It is about to end however as the rain is forecasted to arrive by Friday and temperatures are going to drop about 20 degrees.  Sigh, it was amazing while it lasted!

Yesterday we visited our favorite local farm.  Last year, we went at a similar time for pumpkin picking and it was raining, cold, and very muddy.  I remember being able to see my breath and I had Eva very bundled to keep warm.  Here are a two images I took last year:

This year was sunny and warm, completely dry and dusty, and the farm was so changed from how it was this time last year, but also just within the last month since I saw it last.  All of the corn was struggling from the draught, all of the dahlias had shriveled up as if in protest, and most of the pumpkin vines had dried up and/or been removed already.  It was a completely different experience.  There was much more play and laughter, short sleeves instead of heavy jackets, and an abundance of dusty dirt came home on us.  I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch when it was so warm outside and I do have it say that it was just delightful.  I don’t know how many years it will be until we have a similar October, but I’d be happy if it was sooner than later.  =)

Here are a few images taken yesterday, showing the difference from this year to last.  A pumpkin patch, completely changed:

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