52 Wednesdays :: Autumn

Summer is my favorite season, but autumn is the runner-up.  Actually, autumn and spring might be a tie as both have their strengths and weaknesses, but for right now I will assert that autumn is the runner up.  And honestly as much as I would love to write about my love and juxtaposed angst for autumn,  I am quite backed up editing 3 weddings and two families so I am just going to post one image.  I took it on Monday while dropping off my ballot at the central public library downtown.  The way the leaves were spread across the sidewalk was just lovely and graceful.  I hope you like it. =)  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Next is Jennifer Capozzola, a northern New Jersey children’s photographer.  Jen and her east coast neighbors have had a tough week to say the least and I’m so excited to see she has joined our circle the week in spite of Sandy.  Can’t wait to see your photos Jen!  http://jencphotos.com/fifty-two-forty-four/

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