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It was dark today, the ominously overcast kind of dark where it stays all day.  And there was a lot of rain also.  Sometimes we have days like this and the light is just flat and too dark to create anything very lovely in unless one has A LOT of really gigantic windows (which I do not).  And because I didn’t shoot anything for this assignment until today, I had to make lemonade instead of giving up.  After school I decided to take Eva to a fancy, hip ice cream shop in Portland called Salt & Straw.  Salt & Straw has seriously amazing and very unique ice cream creations and an equally out of this world brand that matches it perfectly.  This place is a photographers dream.  Amazing two story ceiling height with giant windows, cool white modern walls, mixed with rustic beams, and antique dairy treasures perfectly accessorizing in an array of delight and ice cream glory.  It’s super clean and uncluttered, yet abundant with interesting details.  Almost like an amazing and pleasant oxymoron (if there is such a thing).  I had honey lavender ice cream.  Yes, you read it correctly and though it might sound scary, it is wonderfully delightful.  Eva thought it was fantastic also.  The manager of the store was a little freaked out by my intent to be photographer-extroardinare and politely asked if I could refrain from such activities and just enjoy our ice cream instead.  And of course, I respectfully obliged.  But it kind of put a dent in my plan at 4pm with only 1.5 hrs of minimal daylight left.

However, I remembered that across the street in an unassuming location is the sweetest little bakery called Two Tarts.  I love the name, I don’t really know anything about the business history, but I envision it was started by two quirky pastry chefs with a great sense of humor.  Then again, I could be completely wrong.  Perhaps two is just better than one in this case, to which I will confirm.  Two tarts sells mini bite-size wonders only and customers can purchase them individually for 80 cents or at higher quantities like a baker’s dozen for $8.00.  So I ordered a lovely selection and took them home with me, all with 45 min of light to spare.

Photographing food is more challenging than it looks.  I’ve been working at it for a while and I still feel like I am far from accomplished.  Someday I’d really love to take a food styling class as I’m very, very into presentation.

This is a pumpkin seed whoopie.  Even the name is fun. =)

These are cranberry and pistachio macaroons.  I like that they are smaller than normal macaroons, which I think will help aid in creating less mess when eating them.

And though I consider myself a fairly great cookie maker, Two Tarts has the best ones. They are fleur de sel chocolate chip.

I will surely be enjoying this week’s theme for the next several days. 😉

Next in our fine circle of 52 Wednesdays participants is Ms. Lindsay Culver from Birmingham, Alabama.  You can find her Sweet post here:  http://blog.lindseyculverphotography.com/2012/10/sweet/

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