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November 14, 2012

I’m Marla
Sprinkled throughout this journey are the little joys, moments of inspiration, and snippets of life that add color to our human experience. Join me as we embrace the beauty of imperfect perfection, the magic of a beautiful moment, and the endless possibilities of creativity.

I really wasn’t sure what to put together this week.  History could be interpreted in an abundance of ways… history/architectural around town, self history, history book?  I actually have a collection of antique art history books all pre 1940, that I could have sworn I had a really awesome image of….  I felt like I had ADD every time I even thought about what to do and I’d be off on 5 different tangents.  So I decided to do this instead at 12:15am on Wednesday.  Maybe partially out of desperation and that I haven’t blogged about it yet. =)

This 52 Wednesdays installment will be about my friend Krissi.  Although now that we are proper adults, most people outside of her  family hemisphere call her Kristiana which is her real name of course.  I met Krissi December of 1999.  It was my first year in college and I worked two jobs.  One of my jobs involved making tennis court reservations, renting bicycles, and ensuring affleunt young guests stayed afloat in the swimming pool at a luxury resort in Phoenix called The Arizona Biltmore (a place steeped in historical content itself).  Krissi and I worked together with a group of young, attractive, good kids who got paid to play.  I’m fairly certain that resort employees in the recreation department had the most fun of anyone.  We all became friends, but over time Krissi and I became really great friends.

We grew up completely different from each other and although we have different personalities we just compliment the other well in really lovely ways.  She’s tall and gorgeous, loves fashion, and enjoys the night scene with her husband.  She’s vivacious, but sweet.  She also grew up as a fairly spoiled only child, so of course she thinks she’s selfish, but I think she underestimates the enormity of her heart and how much love she offers to those around her.  She was scared to death to become a mother, but she’s amazing at it, and she’s an intensely hard worker.  I feel abundantly blessed to call her my friend and though I haven’t lived in Phoenix for nearly 10 years, (and even if it’s been a year since we visited last) it always feels like I saw her just a few weeks ago.

When we were younger, she had a habit of dating self-assured jerks with beautiful faces and lots of muscle definition.  I remember the first time I met her husband Mike, I knew he was the right man for her.  He was (still is) amazingly kind, smart, and handsome.  He was very humble though, and not in an annoying-self-depreciating way.  I told her that if she messed it up with him, I would never forgive her!  Luckily, she didn’t. 😉  And now I love both of them and their sweet little family.

They came to visit this fall during our indian summer and a few hours before they flew home we threw together a photo session, complete with a fussy child.  So these photos aren’t from this week, but work in the context of the theme.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Next in our circle is Laurie Schultz from Cincinatti, Ohio.  You can find her post on history here:

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  1. amy grace says:

    it’s pretty wonderful to be able to hold on to a friend over the years, keep them close, even when you are so different. i can relate to this, and am thinking of a few friends who i would love to photograph, spread out all over the world. i can feel the love and appreciation for her and this little guy. beautiful images and a sweet history together.

  2. Laurie Schultz says:

    I love reading your blog posts, you have such a way of expressing your heart through words. That photo of mama and her boy is darling…how I would love a picture like this with my children. These are all so sweet…and that little boys outfit is the best!

  3. The history we make with friends is some of the best history there is! I’m so glad you were able to visit each other and even get the photo shoot in at the end of the visit. Those suspenders and jeans make me want to go back in time and dress my little boys all over again!

  4. Heather Robinson says:

    I was really getting into the story of your friendship. Wasn’t ready for the story to end yet! You are a talented writer and photographer. I adore that first image. Beautiful.

  5. Pamela Joye says:

    nothing speaks of history save those we choose to share it with. friends – those we keep with us over time – speak to our own time. your friend is filled the sunshine you’ve captured in surrounded by…and her boy – that fuzzy messy mass of hair, the suspenders, the bow tie. combined, they speak to all you’ve taken the time to outline above. what a sassy, fun filled, heart warming history.

  6. Carrie says:

    Beautiful images Marla!

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