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I often feel like I don’t fit anywhere, that the composition of myself is too varied or that too many things within myself are in direct opposition of each other to place me in the world.  Someday I should write a post about all of my oxymorons, it would be humorous.  With consideration to the fact that we are all completely different individuals inhabiting the earth, perhaps it is a secret of the universe–that we are all this way.

For instance, I love red.  Like really, love red.  I would say it is my favorite color since my other favorite colors aren’t technically colors at all (white & grey).  To me, red is elegance and comfort all in one package, and it is quiet and enduring.  Psychology says that people who are attracted to red are bold, aggressive, powerful, and attention seeking.  I am none of those things and my idea of red is somewhat opposite of what the world says it should be.

I am quiet and internal and I struggle to get my words out.  I feel overwhelmed in groups, tend to be a wallflower, and I really have to push myself and work hard at engaging with others when I meet them.  I am not an attention-seeker.  Yet I love red.  I thoroughly enjoy wearing red lipstick, my favorite nail polish is red, and I adore wearing beautiful red clothing.  Red will get you noticed, I have noticed.  I often think, “Why couldn’t green have been my favorite?”  Green is red’s opposite.  My personality perfectly matches green–yet it is red that has my heart.

This is me today.  Imagine I am wearing a red scarf and red lipstick, because I was.  This looked significantly better in black & white, so I am leaving the red to your imagination. 😉

But I did take a lovely photo of one of my classic literature books.  I have a collection of beautiful vintage books, and this one fit our theme perfectly:

DH Lawrence and red lipstick go well together.

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