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It’s week 11 for 52 Wednesdays and our theme this week was “laughter.”  I was really happy to see the theme this week because I have a little giggle monster at home. =)
As a work-from-home mother, Eva spends a little more time entertaining herself than I’d like.  However, I do try really hard to be intentionally present with her when she gets home from school and preferably until she goes to bed.  It’s not always possible if a deadline is pressing… but I try.  One thing that I am most consistent about is taking time from the moment she comes home from school that is completely focused on her.  I found that if she sits on my bed and I sit on my floor I can get a lot more information about her day than if I ask her in the car or even standing around in the kitchen.  Somehow, the bed is like a stage and she tells me all her little secrets and interesting tid-bits from her goings-on of the school day…. or even what she’s thinking about outside of school …. and day dreaming about for her present and future.  It’s a really special time for us and she’s always so disappointed when we have to miss out due to schedule.  It usually only lasts about 5-10 minutes, but I love connecting with her this way.  I’m hoping these are setting a precedent for when she’s a teenager and she’ll still want to talk to me.  One day, I hope she’ll look back on these little chats as very dear times between us. =)
This is from today’s after school chat.
So as I mentioned above, Eva is Miss Giggle Monster — as in this could be her second name actually.  Everything is funny to her, which usually sweet and cute and humorous.  One would think I wouldn’t have trouble photographically documenting this character trait, but usually the giggling goes away the second the camera comes out.  Today though, I thought I would have it with me while we did our chat to see what I could get.  So I started talking to our dog Dash (who was sitting nearby) about his day and how easy his life is.  Somehow me talking to the dog like he’s a person is the FUNNIEST thing Eva has ever heard of.  It is usually a sure bet for a great giggle and here it is:  sweet laughter from my sweet girl.
Now you have the pleasure to continue with this circle via Ms. Amy Grace of A Beautiful Life Photo in San Diego, CA.  She’s super amazing at lifestyle photography and I’m sure her blog post this week is a stunner.  Find it here!
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