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March 14, 2012

I’m Marla
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It’s Wednesday again and this week my theme for 52 Wednesdays is GREEN.  St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, which is likely the reason…. but I didn’t feel like going the obvious super green route.  Instead, I chose subtle green with a red jacket on my girl.  Red and green are complimentary colors by the way (AKA, not just for Christmas), which is something people learn in Design 102 if you go to school for art like I did.  Of course, these days one can save thousands of dollars and learn this on my blog… or a book, or Pinterest.  

Amidst my rambling about red and green, I’d like to point out that it is 3am (yikes, must get better about this).  I actually did not put this week’s theme off; I worked on it twice earlier in the week and didn’t like either outcome.  So today after school I asked Miss Eva if she would be my model and this is was my answer.  

Seriously.  Scary, right?!

Pretty sure, girl hates being my model.

I remember when she used to actually enjoy having her picture taken… but not now.  Not since her mom has been a working photographer for 3 years and a practicing one for several years before that.  Now she makes fists in the air and squished faces and whiny noises that all articulate, “No thank you.”

Really all she wanted was for me to observe her scheduled free time for pbs kids; however, I won her over for about 10 minutes with the coercion method of Eva = Mary Poppins with her green umbrella.

The Mary Poppins persona was able to morph into nice model girl.  With a little bit of dancing of course.

So by this point I was pushing my luck time-wise, but she let me capture this last one, which I LOVE.  And think it’s one of my new favorites. =)

After which, she skipped back into the house to do exactly what she had wanted to do since the moment I grabbed my camera.  Oh Eva, when did become more fun than your mom???

Next up for 52 Wednesdays is Traca Miller!  Be sure to continue in the circle to see everyone’s interpretation of green.

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  1. Christine says:

    Oh, these are really sweet! I especially love the one where she’s jumping and the one where she’s squatting with the super adorable umbrella. Beautiful!

  2. Amy says:

    these are such beautiful portraits of her natural little soul 🙂 everything you do, every photo you share is always so well done, careful, lovely to behold. you need to be easier on yourself – i would bet that your accidents are as great as the ones you choose. the shot of her, looking down, is awesome…and the sweet smile, squatting with the bright green of the umbrella is the spot on definition of ‘picture perfect’. i love them all.

  3. Oh my these are all so adorable!!!! Her sweet little personality shines in these…she looks like such a fun little girl. And I love the story of the photo session, such sweet captures! I actually also really appreciate your reference to complimentary colors…I am really trying to remember/learn complimentary colors and incorporate it into my photography. I learn so much from you! thanks!

  4. Karen says:

    Your little Eva is so adorable and I love these captures of her. Such wonderful animations of her. The ones of her with the umbrella are darling and I love your favorite too. Fantastic. Maybe I should try the Mary Poppins psychology too. 😉

  5. Marsette says:

    These are beautiful! All of them!

  6. I love her squatting in front of the fence! That’s a great shot!!

  7. I love these. That umbrella is great. Beautiful shots of your daughter. My daughter is just about over my camera too. 🙂

  8. Tiffany says:

    Those umbrella shots are AWESOME!!!! How cute! She is adorable btw.

  9. Traca says:

    Beautiful series, Marla! I love the shot of her squatting down, as well! A new favorite for sure. But the portrait of her smiling is brilliant, too!

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