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August 15, 2012

I’m Marla
Sprinkled throughout this journey are the little joys, moments of inspiration, and snippets of life that add color to our human experience. Join me as we embrace the beauty of imperfect perfection, the magic of a beautiful moment, and the endless possibilities of creativity.

It’s week 32 for 52 Wednesdays… only 20 weeks left.  Wow, I’m so amazed at how far we’ve all come from the beginning of this project.  I’m also amazed at how quickly the summer is passing by.  I can feel it wane with each passing night as the light becomes less and less at 8:30pm and as I help my daughter prepare to go back to school in a few weeks.  I’m always sad to see the summer season pass by, even though autumn is so lovely. There is just nothing like a fantastically hazy evening light that only summer produces.  And I can’t forget the evening walks with the just oh-so-perfect evening temperature; or the late morning silliness that is had by Eva and I.  Summer affords us so much freedom to do whatever, whenever and that coupled with the fantastic weather makes it the ultimate favorite for me.

On a business side, I also really adore summer evening sessions. Several weeks ago, I did an engagement session for a couple who’s wedding I am photographing in September.  We met at the bride’s mother’s home which just so happens to be in this amazing rolling-hill countryside area just out of town.  There was a beautiful vineyard next door (Oregon is amazing wine producer by-the-way!) and I asked if it would be okay for us to make use of it.  Their answer was, “of course!”

We took several images in the vineyard, but this one is a favorite of mine as it frames them so wonderfully. =)

Next up is Ms. Carrie Hyche from Wheatland, WY.  Her post on framing can be found here:

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  1. Carrie says:

    Marla, what beautiful lighting, the leaves frame them perfectly. I love their expressions as well. Just gorgeous!

  2. Pamela Joye says:

    these are simply breathtaking Marla – dreamy light, sentimental gestures, beauty from within; you caught it all and more within magnificent frames. i can’t wait to see the wedding!

  3. Karen Porter says:

    This couple is perfectly framed in a magical setting. Gorgeous. I love the bond I can see between them and especially the child-like laughter in the black and white. You’re so good at capturing the just-right moments.

  4. amy grace says:

    marla, you have this amazing ability to make life glow. there is always a a soft light like a perfect dream, around your subjects, whether they are people, kids, trees…and in that i see you. i feel like i see the picture you had in your head. these are perfect. perfectly frames, lit, posed, the color is heavenly, the black and white amazing. gorgeous. your clients are so lucky to have you.

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