52 Wednesdays :: Fast

I really like photos utilizing long exposure, but I’ve never actually even tried it.  In part because I don’t own a tripod and long exposures need complete stillness of the camera to work.  Tonight I did without, and given the scenario, I’m really happy with the outcome considering this was a 16 second exposure without a tripod.

I would love to try it soon being completely prepared.  I would have LOVED a different composition to this much closer to the traffic whizzing by, but I needed to sit on my car to help myself stay as still as possible.  Also, it’s possible that years of swimming paid off tonight because I held my breath the entire time too. =)  Surprise of my evening?  Look at the amazing shape the street lights have!  I had no idea the lens would do that on it’s own without a filter!


It’s a little group this week, but please be sure to click through our circle to see everyone’s interpretation of “fast.”  Next in line is Pamela Joye from Salem, MA.  You can find her post here:   http://www.pamelajoye.com/fine-art/2012/p2397/

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