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I am Ms. Details.  Everyone who knows me personally would describe me as such.  I am always looking up noticing the things high above, or the tiny things many people don’t give a second thought to.  I am meticulous about how I work and the things I create and do.  I think of million little things at all once and these things make me happy.  I love how detailed life is and the complexity of it all.  Equally, I love the world and all it’s intricacies and am constantly astounded by the magnitude of creation and how it all works perfectly together like a most magical orchestration.  And this is what inspired me this week.  As the summer begins to pass and the landscape is about to die and become dormant before my eyes, I want to remember all the amazing beauty that surrounds us in the summer.  The color, the sounds, the smells.  Sigh.

My neighborhood is an amazing place prolific with very mature trees that canopy over the houses and streets in the summer.  In my back yard, two large oaks, a birch, and an ash tower high above and give wonderful shade yet let the loveliest light trickle through. And our patio, there is full sun for several hours each day.  Recently, I took a blanket and just rested with my eyes towards the sky enjoying the warmth and the gentle rustle of leaves above.  It then struck me how wonderful the leaves looked and I decided to take a picture.  So half of this image below is my perspective from the ground toward the sky.

I had a great time turning it into something else.  When I’m able to create just for myself and do what inspires me–this is when I remember why I love photography so much and in this instance, how digital can be so fun.  I hope you like it. =)



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