52 Wednesdays :: Alone

I think the word alone can have a tendency to have a negative connotation, because sometimes people experience alone in the ways of sadness, loneliness, and/or rejection.  There was a time in my life where alone was isolation and neglect–which was part of my normal.  And even with those feelings dominating my young existence, being alone provided a chance to create and become a dreamer as a means of escape.  Now that I’m an adult and more specifically a mother, I can’t remember feeling such a way in years for which I am truly thankful.  Now I think of it in terms such as solitude and peacefulness.  Alone still provides the chance to create and dream, but now it’s in lovely ways–beautiful life-giving ways.  It brings such joy to see this in my daughter Eva as well.  Though we keep busy with extra-curricular activities and many friends, Eva enjoys her alone time and is always using it towards some creative endeavor or just to think.  I love seeing her active mind figuring out the world piece by piece in her own special ways.

Today she took her after-school smoothie outside to enjoy the last bit of warm we will have for the year and play with her paper creations.  I loved seeing the way the light was illuminating her as I watched from our kitchen and decided to quietly interrupt for a few captured images.  I am hoping in way that she will always keep a piece of this for herself because it is truly magical to behold.

I’m thrilled as always to see what my lovely 52 Wednesdays friends have come up with this week!  Next in the circle is Carrie Hyche of Heart of the West Photography in Wheatland, Wyoming.  You can find her post here:  ttp://www.heartofthewest.blogspot.com/2012/09/52-wednesdays-week-38.html

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