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Art.  To me it’s such a broad term, I have the following print below because it perfectly sums up my perspective about art.


With this week having such a theme, one would think it’s more like a wildcard week.  Free pass if you will.  Art is so subjective and can be interpreted in infinite ways, why did I struggle with the theme?  Honestly, I could have chosen anything.  But there is an intense desire to create something great, not just get by on a technicality, and there have been weeks that I have created art.  The kind that makes others marvel at what was created.  Which I will add, happened very organically.  Now that I’m trying to create that intentionally, it seems more difficult.

Therefore I did something different, more literal.  I had a vision in my head of a certain little blonde girl standing in front of a gigantic  piece of classical art, so we went to the Portland Art Museum this week.  I try to go several times a year when the exhibits change because I just adore the variety of collections that make their way to Portland, but I haven’t taken Eva since she was five.  And now that she’s older and more matured and actually interested in art, I figured it would be a fantastic time.  Having the opportunity to answer her questions about theory and interpretation felt like heart candy.  I LOVED the conversations we had; it was the best day!!  The main exhibits currently showing are a collection of California Impressionism, and a very large collection of prints by Ellsworth Kelly.  However, I found that the art museum is extremely particular about camera use and a security guard in another room was tipped off the second I pulled mine out of my bag.  The only shot I got was within seconds of pulling it out and testing for light.  Here it is, and yes this is a common pose of my little lady:

So what in the heck did I do?  Improvised.  Iphones are allowed. This image was edited with my VSCO Cam app. =)

And to round out the documentation of our first happy and interested visit to the art museum, I captured these as well.

Next up is Amy Grace of A Beautiful Life Photo from San Diego, California.  You’re in for awesomeness because I’ve already seen Amy’s post and gorgeousness abounds.  You can find her beautiful interpretation:


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