52 Wednesdays :: Blue

My daughter Eva has a fixation on birds at this current time in her life.  She can name just about every North American bird and make the call for about 40-50 birds.  She is crazy about parrots more specifically, so anything that could potentially be related to parrots is of high value to her right now.  This includes just about any blue thing (she likes blue macaws).  About a year ago her cousin gifted her a parrot toy that talks and she takes it EVERYWHERE.  I mean it.  We go–it goes.  It is often left to stay in the car if I feel it’s not appropriate for her to bring with us (for example, Art Museum), but I do try to be an awesome mom and let her take it everywhere else.  The way she carts that bird around, one would almost think it was real.  Now that you’ve had the toy debriefing, I can explain our documented outing.

Berry picking.

It’s one of my favorite summer-time activities. =)  I’ve been taking Eva berry picking since she was a baby and fortunately she still thinks it’s a fantastic time.  We are fortunate to live fairly close to rural areas of Portland that have u-pick farms and we go often.  Luckily for me, there was some blue involved in today’s farm endeavor.

(okay, so this isn’t blue at all–I just love it!)

Just have to note here that the above image is incredibly authentic.  I didn’t ask her to do this or even hold her toy bird, I just found her at the end of the aisle this way.  Funny girl.

I captured so many fantastic ones that I hope to do more with later, but for now you’ll have to click into Ms. Amy Grace’s blog because she’s next in the circle.  Amy is the creative genius behind A Beautiful Life Photo in San Diego, California and you can find her post here:  http://www.abeautifullifephoto.com/blog/2012/07/24/fifty-two-wednesdays-week-twenty-nine/

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