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September 8, 2014

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When I initially received the inquiry if I’d be interested in traveling to Whidbey Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington to photograph a family on vacation celebrating a golden wedding anniversary, my initial reaction was one of complete joy and excitement. YES! Yes, please and thank you! I had a feeling it was going to be amazing. Beautiful NW island getaway in August with amazing people and I got to bring my family along. Special is one way to describe it all because it truly was, but also just the epitome of gracious in every possible way. I could not have felt more grateful at the opportunity to document such a monumental occasion in such a beautiful place with one of the loveliest families I’ve ever met. This is the kind of work I’d love to do every day–amazing families, fun destinations, loads of film…YES. The 10+ hugs I received from one of the little girls was just a silver lining. Thank you Norman family for your amazing hospitality and for being so warm and inviting. It was the best day and I cannot thank you all enough. xoxo

Norman Family-ALL-05wNorman Family-ALL-23wNorman Family-ALL-34w Norman Family-ALL-40w norman family dyptic 1 Norman Family-extra-01w norman family dyptic 2 Norman Family-ALL-41w norman family dyptic 8

norman family dyptic 3
norman family dyptic 6norman family dyptic 4
norman family dyptic 7
Norman Family-GNC-06w
norman family dyptic 9
norman family dyptic 5
Norman Family-ALL-15w
norman family dyptic 10
Norman Family-ALL-38w
Norman Family-ALL-04w
Images made using a Contax 645 and Yashica Mat-124 using Fuji 400H, Reala 100, and Kodak Portra 160 and Tri-X films.
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