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July 17, 2014

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Mt. View Orchards is an amazing family farm in the Hood River, Oregon area that we love to visit whenever a fruit harvest is at hand. Cherries in July, peaches in August, pears and apples late September into October, it’s always such a joy to visit the farm and pick from their beautiful bounty! This year I am partnering with Mt. View to capture the essence of each season and it truly is such a lovely blessing to photograph a place I already love so dearly. Visiting Mt. View Orchards is akin to visiting a friend’s family home that is wonderfully lived in, where conversation, relationships, and joy are so clearly evident in every nook and cranny, where life happens around a kitchen table, and everyone is treated like family. It’s such a family-friendly place where each generation melds together and small kids run around through the aisles of lovely fruit trees exploding with giggles and laughter, eating nearly as much as they pick. Making it out to the farm is a highly recommendable experience during any season, though I think pears and apples are by far the most popular and abundant. If by chance a drive out to the farm isn’t feasible, Mt. View is also at the Cully Neighborhood Farmers Market every Thursday from 3 to 8pm in Portland.

Mt. View cherries dyptic 9 Mt. View cherries dyptic 2Mt. View cherries dyptic 3 Mt. View Orchards Cherries-021wMt. View cherries dyptic 5 Mt. View cherries dyptic 13 Mt. View cherries dyptic 11Mt. View cherries dyptic 16 Mt. View Orchards Cherries-022w Mt. View cherries dyptic 1 Mt. View cherries dyptic 8 Mt. View cherries dyptic 4 Mt. View Orchards Cherries-035w Mt. View Orchards Cherries-041w Mt. View cherries dyptic 14 Mt. View cherries dyptic 7
Mt. View cherries dyptic 12 Mt. View cherries dyptic 6 Mt. View Orchards Cherries-025w Mt. View Orchards Cherries-045w

Mt. View Orchards Cherries-014w
Photographed with a Contax 645 using Fuji 400H film.
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  1. Kel Ward says:

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Linda Snyder says:

    Splendid work. This is a beautiful and bountiful orchard and family farm. Thank you for the photos and feature.

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