52 Wednesdays :: Whimsy

Sometimes we get themes that just stump — completely.  Whimsy was one of them for me.  I thought about it all week without any kind of lightbulb moments going off at any time.  Today, I finally thought, “I must put something together!”  And with that, I asked my daughter Eva what I should do and would she help me.  I might have had to bribe her in the end, but that girl will do a whole lot for $2.00.  =)  I explained to her what whimsy meant in the best way I could and she decided that she was going to dress up like a parrot (surprise!) and instead of a mask, she would make a beak and tape it to her face.  So in my head, I’m thinking… well, this could end up amazingly awesome, or just a huge flop.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ve come up with and if it actually falls into a whimsical category, but I’m going to offer it up this week anyway.

I sneak-peaked at a few others’ who have already posted and Pamela included an actual definition, of which included “an excessively playful expression.”  My girl has A LOT of these all the time, as she is mostly goofball most of the time.  I normally delete most images like this one below, but after I read that description I decided to edit it and include it at the front.  I see faces like this constantly.  Gracefully elegant my girl is not…. yet. 😉

And it turns out, my little whimsy parrot was quite a bit more interested in the nature than being my model.  Even for the going rate of $2.00.  She LOVED the hay that had just been cut and made burrow homes all over the field for critters to move into.

So I let her shake it out a bit before we got down to whimsical parrot business.

And finally she wanted to put her parrot parts back on (they were off as quickly as she saw all the hay on the ground).

“Please, Mama, help me perch in the tree!”  To her dismay, I didn’t think it was a very good idea so she “flew” around instead.

And then she was done.  But to me, the done part was the loveliest.

I don’t often catch her so still and peaceful (especially if the camera is near).  This was a rare moment and even though I don’t often get these types of images from her, I love her to pieces… goofy, funny faces, parrot beaks and all.

I’m not sure if I captured whimsy this week, but it was definitely something worth sharing.  Have a lovely week everyone. =)

Next in our circle is Ms. Tiffany Anderson from Katy, Texas.  You can find her whimsy post here:


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