52 Wednesdays :: The End

52 Posts in one year and I did them all!  Yipee for finishing what I started!  <Insert confetti and party blowers>

I’ll tell you a couple of things I learned this year throughout it all:

1) preparing a blog post that is good takes at least an hour, sometimes much more.  The much more comes in if I don’t have photos prepared in advance.  On days where shooting happened the same night I was to have my post set, said post took upwards of three hours and often into the wee hours of the night.

2) committing to posting every week doesn’t sound like it would be very difficult, but it was friends, it was.  Though throughout this year I developed some pretty great imagery specifically to fit within a theme and I’m really proud of myself and what I created this year.

3) I have gotten to know some pretty incredible women when we ventured on this journey together.  I’ve gotten to see intimate snippets of life and real, lovely, heart-bending emotion through out it.  I’ve watched these women grow too in their own abilities and craft and it has inspired me each and every week.  So to those ladies who did this project with me, my congratulations and hugs to you.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with me; your honest words; and your comments of encouragement along the way.  You have been my favorite part.

So I thought since the theme is “The End,” I would post my favorite images throughout the year and end it with one new one that is very fitting.  Here goes:

Thank you so much for anyone who followed this project this year.  Happy New Year. xoxo

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