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I remember when I started this project it was with the ardent desire to finish each of the 52 weeks, and here we are with three weeks left and I feel an early sense of accomplishment in doing just that.  It might be a trivial thing, but it has taken dedication on my part and pushing through many weeks where I just wanted to throw in the towel.  Some weeks I was able to put together lovely images with intention and try to match them with honest and hopefully inspiring words; other weeks it was one image and just a few words as a means to just getting it done.  I will admit, that this week is one of those weeks.  I would have liked to do something more, something personal but these lovely photos work too.

I think several of us are doing babies this week and I’m honestly excited about it because we all have our own styles and strengths.  I think it will be nice to see it in such a variety of ways.  A while back, I used to think that I wanted to photograph a lot of babies, mostly or all in fact.  Photographing newborns is nice because they’re so sweet and it gives that fix without having to get up every two hours in the night. 😉  I will say that it is serious work and the sessions I did best in were often 4 hours.  Additionally, I found that with the trendy styles in newborn photography as of recent, I was being asked to do poses that I wasn’t comfortable or accomplished with.  I found that if I worked with families that didn’t necessarily want that, I was much happier and more capable.  So now I just photograph babies on occasion and I really enjoy each one.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Just three weeks left!

Next in our circle is Ms. Marsett Guerrero from Kingwood, Texas.  You can find her post on small here:


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