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This week’s theme was difficult for me to translate due to several factors.  1) I already wrote a 52 Wednesdays post about my daughter Eva that wrapped around a theme of “free”; 2) this week, the “Free” is meant in reference to our Independence Day holiday and truth be told, I’m not the most patriotic of citizens; 3) I’ve been really quite busy, and finding the time to delve further into it intentionally was just not there.  So I’ve been thinking of out-of-the-box interpretations instead.  Forgive me if this seems very loosely tied to the theme, but it was something I kept thinking about as it was happening.

On Thursday Eva and I drove 5.5 hrs to the Suncadia Resort Community in Cle Elum, Washington so I could photograph a wedding on Saturday.  It was a magnificent weekend in so many ways, but one of my favorite things about it was getting to know the AMAZINGLY lovely, and inspiring couple that tied their lives and hearts into one on Saturday.  I worked primarily with their coordinator in the planning stages and outside of a few emails exchanged with the bride a week before, I didn’t really know them, their story, or what to expect.  Within the first several moments of meeting them on Friday, I was able to see that they are both two of the loveliest people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and it made my work this weekend a true joy.

We met up before their rehearsal and dinner Friday to take several engagement photos for their wedding slideshow and it was just so effortlessly beautiful.  What struck me the most in our time together was actually how free they were in their love for one another.  Genuinely so.  I think often freedom isn’t something people associate with love–but I firmly believe that one of the intentions of love is just that.  Phil and Rachel displayed it in such inspiring ways: from the simplistic of interactions together, to the grand and beautiful gestures too.

I’ll be posting more of their wedding images as time goes on, but for now I’ll post three of their lovely engagement shots.

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