What Shadow Looks Like

Last year I completed a 52 week photo project where I created a set of images fitting within a theme and met some really awesome people along the way.  The saddest part about ending our project was the idea of not connecting with these amazing women week after week.  So we decided to keep it going into a new project this year called “What _______ Looks Like.”  In this project we post once per month and adhere to broad-based themes.  Through this project, I plan to shoot things differently than I normally would, and also potentially edit them differently too.  This is my wild card.

For February, the theme is shadow.  Working on images this month caused me to realize that I often shoot to avoid any kind of harsh shadowing.  They are interesting, but anything more than a soft shadow to create shape definition is generally undesirable in my portrait work.  I wish I had had more opportunities to explore this quite a bit further, because the more I think about it, the more I wish I had practiced and taken advantage of the days where we were blessed with any kind of strong light.

 I am excited to see what the rest of my group has come up with.  Two women in particular are phenomenal with using strong shadows to their advantage and I’m very looking forward to their posts too.  But to start it off will be Ms. Christina Benge from Indiana.  You can find her post on shadows here.

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