En-Shao + Michelle | Columbia Gorge bridal and engagement photography

September 17, 2015

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Columbia Gorge Bridal

En-Shao and Michelle are a lovely (and brilliant) Taiwanese couple who found me this summer when looking for a film photographer to create engagement and bridal portraits for them. First of all, I just love it that people are looking for film photography specifically. Secondly, I love when people find me for it. This particular couple are getting married in Taiwan in December very traditionally, which they explained includes a certain type of photography they aren’t very excited about. It was really important to them to have not only engagement photos they would love, but bridal portraits as well and I’m so delighted I could help provide that to them. When we were planning their session together, they really wanted somewhere outside of the city of Portland; somewhere a little secluded so they wouldn’t feel “on-display” for spectators to watch. I suggested a spot in the Columbia Gorge that I knew would be a great fit. The day of the session, the city woke up to an immense amount of smoke due to nearby forest fires. It was so thick, I couldn’t see the downtown area as I crossed the Marquam bridge that afternoon and by the time I drove out into the Gorge, the sky had turned pink. It was mesmerizing and certainly the most unique conditions I have photographed in thus far.  The sky was such a lovely shade of pink, the sun was diffused and red, and the reflection on the water was very peachy because of it all.  The film picked it all up so beautifully! I’m in love with the outcome. Thank you En-Shao & Michelle, it was such a pleasure creating these images with you.

EM dyptic 1

EMS blog 5

ESM blog 1

EMS blog 8 ESM blog 13 ESM blog 16 EMS vlog 9 EMS blog 10 EMS blog 11 ESM blog 15

ESM blog 2

Images made with a Contax 645 and Fuji 400H, Kodak Gold 200, and Ilford Delta 400 films.

Marla Cyree of Simply Splendid specializes in film photography in Portland, Oregon as a newborn, family, and wedding photographer.

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