Through this little boy’s eyes I get to see my friend.  One I can no longer call, or text, or see face to face.  Not another day in my lifetime will I receive one of her amazing hugs, or feel her squeeze my hand to say so much but nothing at all, or laugh until my belly hurts because of her joy-ridden silliness.  But… I get to see a glimpse of her, experience a part of her, love on her, and feel blessed by her through this little one : her son.  I am so thankful for her legacy of  faith, strength, perseverance, her determination (along with her amazing husband’s) to live the remainder of her earthly life without bowing to fear.  It is in part to this faithfulness that this lovely boy exists today.

xoxo my sweet friend.

12-2013 SequimAA025bw

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