Simply Splendid's photographic style is detailed and thoughtful; a combined reflection of myself and the couple I am working with. I am always seeking the emotional and sentimental connections of the day: the joy evident in the bride and groom's faces; the way the bride held her father's hand; the tear that rolled down a cheek; the laugh that resulted from a witty comment. There is so much collective effort, love, and emotion placed into a wedding that are embedded into our hearts as beautiful memories. My mission and committment to each of the couples I work with is to capture them beautifully, timelessly, and in such a way that when they look upon the photographs years later--the emotion is still tangible and the memory falls fresh upon the heart and mind.

Wedding packages are customized to every couple and begin at $4,000.

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In all my work, the intention behind Simply Splendid is to create lovely, honest, touching, artistic heirlooms of your life, of your child/ren, of your family. The places and interactions where love flourishes and comes to life--the special tiny moments--this is where I want to be when I'm photographing for you.

Portraits, Newborn Sessions, and Family Sessions are planned with my clients, taking into account their personalities and where their love resides. Sessions begin at $850, with complete offerings and options provided upon inquiry.

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