Cole & Piper :: children’s custom photography session

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing a super adorable brother and sister combo:  Cole and Piper.  I drove out one Saturday morning to the small little town where I grew up to play with this young heart-stealing duo.  There were a few things that struck me while spending the morning with them. 1) I am so in love with my job, and 2) I met the most delightful little boy who actually caused me to want one (oh my), and 3) being asked to do this is such a flattering and honoring request.  Thank you Jen and Spencer for the pleasure of spending the morning with your family!  You’re doing a fantastic job.

This image was the first one I captured that morning and is one of my favorites!  He loves her, undeniably… but poor Piper!  Girl just needed a little rescuing. =)

This is another image that I just love to pieces.  I don’t know why exactly, it could be that it’s beautifully imperfect.  It’s not a perfectly captured portrait; but the expression here is wonderful.  Those gigantic blue eyes are quite lovely too. =)

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