About Marla



I'm Marla Cyree, a Portland, Oregon based wedding and portrait photographer specializing in film photography. I feel fortunate this endeavor allows me to create beauty in the world just the way I envision it in my mind.  To me it's imperfect perfection, an etheral dream, a collection of simplistically beautiful moments and it's utterly amazing to be able to capture it all in image form.

*I'm a mother to one completely awesome, wonderfully unique, talented little lady.  She is my greatest masterpiece.

*I'm an introverted kind of person, but I dearly love people.  Sometimes the words I have in my head and the feelings I have in my heart don't come out as eloquently as I hope, but I sure try.

*Chai tea from Starbucks is my favorite drink in the whole world.  It is perfect at any temperature and always a good idea.

*I'm a huge fan of life's simple pleasures and I'm always searching out the beauty in everyday moments.

*I love (and I mean LOVE) Oregon summers.  Warm days, a gentle breeze, sun lightly soaking into my face is the best feeling ever.  I look forward to this experience all year long.

*I named my business from my favorite quote.  I've kept is close to my heart since I was a young teenage girl and if you'd ever like to hear the story, I'd love to tell it to you.

*The one word people use to describe me most is calm. I'm really great at taking things in stride and am incredibly adaptable.

*I feel amazingly fortunate to experience life!  No life is perfect and we all are faced with varying degrees of blessings and hardships, but I feel supremely blessed to live the one I do.

And now that you know a few things about me, I'd be delighted to know you! Thank you for taking the time to consider my work to capture your life's greatest and simplest moments, I can't wait to show you how beautiful they are!!